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There are 2 main reasons why it’s important for you to maintain your WordPress website; security and functionality.

Is A WordPress Website Secure?

As hard as WordPress have worked since they started back in 2003, hackers have been working just as hard to break into WordPress websites.

40% of websites on the internet today are powered by WordPress, so finding a vulnerability in them would allow hackers to do a lot of damage.

This is why WordPress update their core software when security vulnerabilities and functionality issues are discovered.

They’re designed to make sure your site is protected against hackers that attempt to get into your WordPress database to steal information and maybe even delete it when they’re done.

Who Would Want To Hack Your Website?

The truth is, there’s probably no one out there who cares enough to attack your website, but that doesn’t mean you are safe from hackers.

Hackers don’t sit on Google looking for businesses and websites to hack, they’re a little smarter than that. They use bots. These bots (short for robots) are programmed crawl the internet using security flaws in the WordPress core software, its themes and its plugins.

So even though no one personally wants to hack your website, you are still vulnerable to an attack. One way to protect your site is to use a “Bot Blocker”.

This is a WordPress plugin that prevents bots from coming in, snooping around for vulnerabilities, sending spammy contact forms, submitting ridiculous comments and generally ruining your Google Analytics numbers.

Recommended WordPress Bot Blocker Plugins

In order to prevent bots from attacking your site and generally being a nuisance, I would recommend using Blackhole for Bad Bots or WP Block and Stop Bad Bots WordPress plugins. Both do a great job of protecting you from bots, but go about it in different ways.

Blackhole for Bad Bots creates a link that only bots can see, and if it’s a bad bot, it’ll click the link and go on a blocked list. A simple one strike and you’re out policy.

The Free Version provides all the protection you need, although there is a Premium Version ($25 for a one site licence) that has a few extra features.

WP Block and Stop Bad Bots uses it’s own database of bad bots to prevent them from accessing your site at all.

The Free version gives you 3 updates to the database per year, whereas the Premium Version ($12 for a one site licence) gives you weekly updates and a few other extras.

Make Sure Your Site Works Like It Should

Software used to access the internet is ever changing. Whichever browser you use, whether it’s Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox or the built in browser on a mobile phone, when these companies update their software, things change.

Browser updates add support for new code packages, they also remove old ones. If your site is using code no longer supported in your visitors’ browser, your site might not display correctly or worse yet, not let your visitor click the one button your whole site is designed to make them press…

Whether that’s a “Get In Contact”, “Buy Now” or “Send Message” button, you could be losing potential clients because your site doesn’t work the way it should.

Keeping your WordPress core, themes and plugins up-to-date with the latest version is very important to prevent functionality issues.

Protect Your WordPress Website with Regular Updates

At Riverview Enterprise Solutions, we can make sure your website is secure and up-to-date with our range of maintenance packages.

You can choose from a one off update of everything, monthly updates or weekly updates.

Ideally you want to be updating you WordPress website plugins as often as possible to avoid falling victim to the latest bots darting around the web and keep your site functioning as it should.

 Let Riverview Enterprise Solutions Take Care of Everything with Our Maintenance Packages

WordPress website maintenance from us includes updating your WordPress core, themes and plugins to their latest stable versions, making sure you have the right plugins to keep your site secure, testing the functionality of your site, backing everything up, and sending you a report of all the changes that were made.

What’s Included In Our WordPress Website Maintenance Packages

Whether its a one-off, monthly or weekly update, you’ll get everything you need to keep your site up-to-date, safe and secure including:

  • Update WordPress core
  • Update WordPress themes
  • Update WordPress plugins
  • Clear Caches
  • Test Website Funtionality
  • Create Backup of WordPress website database
  • Create Backup of entire web server (cPanel access required)
  • Email report once completed

Keep Your WordPress Website Core, Themes and Plugins Up-To-Date

We’ll start by making sure you have the latest stable version of the WordPress core software. We’ll then update all plugins and themes on your site to work with the new version of WordPress.

Clear Your Caches

Caches store information about your site in a static file to make them quicker to access for website visitors. When updating WordPress websites, old plugin and theme code stored in caches may conflict with new code.

If you have any caching plugins, we’ll be sure to clear them once we’re done so there are no conflicts between the old and new plugins or themes.

Test Website Functionality

Before we finish, we’ll navigate your menus, explore pages, click buttons and links, and generally check everything works as it should.

We’ll even send a test message or two through your contact forms using different devices to check compatibility for your potential customers.

Back Up Your WordPress Database and Website Server

Backups are also included in all our maintenance packages. We’ll create a full backup of your WordPress database and server once everything is running as it should, so if anything does go wrong later, you’ll have a full backup ready to go.

Follow up email report detailing:

  • All updates made
  • Failed updates
  • Location of backups

Get One-Off, Monthly and Weekly WordPress Website Updates and Maintenance

Our standard one-off update price is £24.99, but you can save money with our monthly and weekly maintenance packages.

For less than £17 per month (£199 yearly subscription) we’ll give your website a full update every month to make sure you stay ahead of the hackers.

If you want full peace-of-mind however, we would recommend our weekly maintenance package that can work out to less than £10 per week (£199 every 3 months or £499 for the year).

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Updating a WordPress Website Core, Plugins and Themes

If you’re a WordPress website owner, you need to make sure your core software, plugins, and themes are up-to-date to ensure your website continues to function as it should and has the best protection from hackers and bots. Updating your WordPress website is simple to do and very important to do regularly.

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